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Facebook Apple Watch

It won’t open

Doesn’t work

Paid 2.99 and it doesn’t work waste of money

Not working

I want refund now

I want a refund. App doesn’t work on watch

Doesn’t load want a refund. I log in on my phone and it doesn’t load on my watch

Could not get it to open up!!!

Wish I read the reviews. I could not open it up. Bye bye $2.99. I even contacted the sellers but never heard from them. Do not buy this app!!!!!

Not to happy

Just got this App and it doesn’t even work keeps saying there’s a problem uninstalled like 10 times and still can’t get it to work so don’t buy not worth it 😞

Bad app Watchbook

Horrible it hasn’t worked since I downloaded the app don’t recommend this at all.......

Won’t work

Bought it and it doesnt even open on the watch. Waste of money and time.


Was a waste of money, full status doesn’t show, sometimes just person’s name and not their status. I could only get news feed to load 1 person at a time that took forever!


Haven’t been able to use the app on my watch at all. Definitely felt like I wasted my money.

Can’t open App

I can’t open my Facebook, messenger, Instagram. Need help please.

Don't do it. Not affiliated with FB.

Paid for it, installed it on iPhone, and logged into Facebook but that's it. It just stays on the iPhone saying "Watch book setup done." Nothing changed on the watch and the app on the phone is frozen. Paid $2.99 and gave my Facebook login to a foreign app that doesn't work. >:-(

Highly disappointing

Purchased this app and it won’t open at all!! Money wasted 😡😡😡


Can’t even open it, it just says loading

Do not purchase

Does not work. Waste of money. Should have read the reviews before I paid. Probably won’t get money back anyways. Save your money for something better.

Don’t buy

Bought for 2.99 and it doesn’t even look like the app in the pictures. You cannot see photos on the app like it shows in the example pictures for the app. Very misleading.

App Never Worked

App never worked, I contacted the developer who responded that an update was forthcoming. It’s been over a month and no update and the app is still not working... Emailed developer a second time for an immediate fix or refund over a week ago and neither of the two has occurred. Buyer beware.


Broken app. Don't download.


Don’t work at all I expected more from apple developers


Opened once now does not load at all!

Won’t open

App will not open please help me with his


I paid 2.99 for it and has not had one message on my watch

Doesn’t work

It isn’t loading. I sent 2.99 on crap


Can not get this app to work on the Apple Watch. It doesn’t even recognize it to install it. Wasted money

Waist of Money

Downloaded this app hoping to be able access my FB account on my watch.. I can’t see news feeds from my friends the app freezes can’t access anything. Wish I could get my money back!!😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬 Not a very happy customer right now...

Doesn’t open

It will not open at all only says loading

It doesn’t open on my watch

Wasted $2.99!

Doesn’t work

After I Downloaded this app it made me log in to my Facebook and after I log in all it tells me Watchbook set up done with a photo of a watch and some newsfeed but it won’t do anything else when I go to my app on my watch it just says loading and doesn’t do anything else


Downloaded the app. Never even came to my watch. It’s a scam.

Waste of money

Downloaded it , didn’t work couldn’t get any posts to post to Facebook and only 3 posts ever loaded from others. Buyer beware! Wish I could have my $3 better off buying lunch!

Not a good app

The app does not open.

Unable to open

Paid the $2.99 but unable to open on new Apple Watch. Please refund

Waste of money!!!

It won’t load onto my watch! It’s stuck on loading.... I just got burnt for the 2.99 cause I’m sure they don’t care to refund it 🤬


It won’t load on my Apple Watch. I need a refund.


I bought this app yesterday and I doesn’t even work period.This app is a waste of money..

Could not open

Not sure how they have 4 stars. I downloaded and it just read “loading” and it never opened


I want my money back! This app don’t even work on my watch

Feel cheated :(

Paid the $2.99 and the stupid app doesn’t load! Really!

Wasted money!!

I paid for this an it won’t load in watch !

Bad app

Doesn't work

Waste of money, disappointed

I’m disappointed in this app, it’s trash. Great, my app won’t load! I wish I could get my money back!

Not worth it

I paid for it and it won’t load onto my watch!


I want a refund. The app will not load on my brand new I watch. It has been attempting to load my feed now for 20 minutes! I have fully WiFi and 4g service with good full bars of LTE so signal is not the issue, it’s the app. Refund me immediately

Awful app

This app will not load any newsfeeds no matter what I do. Biggest waste of $2.99 I have ever spent!

None of the apps work on my watch

I cannot get any of the apps in the bundle to work. I would like a refund of 14.99.

Doesn’t open

Waste of money


Can’t get it to open and dictation to work

Do not buy

This app suxs do not purchase, will not open my i watch

A waste

Paid the $2.99 and it wouldn’t even open on my watch so I deleted it

Not working

Still says loading and bought it last night.. what’s going on here?

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