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Watch book

I installed this app to use on my Apple Watch and since I installed it it says loading and it hasn’t showed me and news feeds. Also when I want to post something it tells me that it couldn’t post and that there was an error. Please refund me back my money! I don’t see why you are offering an app that doesn’t work.

Will not load

This app will not load on my watch. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, but it still doesn’t work.

Beware!! App does not work!!

This app does not work. Keeps saying loading news feed and never loads. I contacted them to get a refund and they never responded though their site says they’ll contact you within 24 hours. Do not waste your money as you’ll never get it back! If I could give zero stars I would have.

App worked once .

App worked once. Hasn’t reloaded my feed ever again since first day of install. Tired of reinstalling .

Not working.

I'm pretty upset. This has been loading all day! I want a refund. This would have 0 stars if I could.


I have two facebook accounts one mine and the other the wife’s. I assumed we could switch back and forth between accounts but it’s not very obvious if you can. Log in once on app and no option to log out and log in as diff user? Also on my Acct it only shows two posts when I know I have many more. Not impressed so far.


The app does not work and emails to customer service is basically useless. Nobody answers the emails. The app just stays stuck loading and never loads anything. I want a refund. Apple needs to pull this piece of junk app from the App Store especially if the developers refuse to answer customer service inquiries.


It says I have installed correctly. Even then I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I still just get hourglassing.

Does not Work

Do not buy, does not work and they will not respond when you ask for help!

Will not show up on my watch

The app will not show up on my watch. I’ve tried un and reinstalling multiple times. What a waste of money...

App does not work

I’ve installed this app and it doesn’t work like all the other comments

Not Working

Like everyone else, paid and downloaded the app but not responding on the Apple Watch. The message continues to read “Sign In to Watchbook on iPhone”. I need help fixing this issue or I need my money back.

Not showing feed

I purchased this app yesterday and still today it’s telling me it’s loading.

Do not waste your $

App will not load on the watch. Keeps telling me to sign in on my phone and I have.


Downloaded,deleted, reloaded multiple times... only thing I get is it opening and saying loading feed however never loads

Not loading

It is not loading at all.

Won’t open

Can’t even get the app to load, after registration. I want a refund!


Does NOT work. I’ve tried so many times and it will not get any further than setting up.

Will not load

I have loaded the app. It tells me I am successful on my phone. However, it will not load on the watch. Please fix this!!


I have been trying for days to load the feed and it will not do it! A one star is too good for this app! I want my money back and when you try to contact them it won’t send the request! What a joke!

Not working

I loaded the app from my iPhone and it is stuck at ‘watchbook setup done’. Stuck as in the setup done page is frozen. When I go to the app on my watch it just displays ‘loading’. I submitted my complaints many days back thru the app. It says Afraz responds within 24 hours. I have still not heard from Afraz. I want my money back please! This product doesn’t work on my Apple Watch series 3. Also - I see developer responses on several other reviews that complain about the same issue! Why not respond to mine? If there is a fix why not post it?

Do not work

I don’t know what kind of scram is this. This app cost money but don’t work? How can I get a refund is what I’d like to know.

This apps dose not work

I want my money back ASAP !! This app dose not work at all!!!!!

Not working

How can I get my money back?? This does NOT work!!

App doesn’t work

App stopped updating news feed and it is not a free app. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and still doesn’t work. Refund needed as this app cost!!!

Zero stars

Won’t open! Going back to Littlebook! Please refund!

No sirve

Esta app no me funciona, no vale la pena.

Not syncing to watch

Bought and downloaded app twice and will not work properly with Apple Watch 3. I want a refund!

Doesn’t open on watch

Doesn’t work. I just tried downloading it again I’ll see if it will open this time around.


Does not work! Stuck on loading for like EVER!

No customer service

This app is not working I emailed 72 hours ago and nobody respond to me for assistance and ur system says u will within 24hours. I need my money back

Not working

The newsfeed just says loading it hasn’t worked since I paid for it. I’d like a refund. I seen in all the reviews there’s been nothing but problems with everyone who gets this app

Does not work

I have not been able to use this app since I purchased it. All it does is say “loading” I’d like a refund.

App not working

I agree with so many others who have recently posted. I have uninstalled reinstalled multiple times, emailed customer support and tried every other troubleShooting idea I could come up and it tells me I am successful setting up but does not load and no response from customer support and it has been about a week since messaging. They say they will respond within 24 hours but it is not happening either. Would like a refund or it working.


This app says loading and never gets to the actual Watchbook, I want a refund

Piece of garbage app

Paid $2.99 for app on my Apple Watch, never worked, been loading for a week. Can’t even get to pick s nickname this app stinks.

Just loading

Trying to get my money back. Nobody’s getting back to me. I bought this stupid app and all it’s doing is continually saying loading if I could give it zero stars I would


Hasn’t worked since I downloaded it. I deserve a refund...who do I contact

Watch book

Does not work at all. It never loads news feed on my watch and can’t see pictures, it was a waste of money 😡😡

Not loading

I purchased and downloaded this yesterday. It worked once with limited access ie. not viewing pictures and other things... today it’s been loading for 4 hours... not working

Embarrassed to join the ranks of unsatisfied customers, and no I will not contact you!

Although the app’s advertisement appeals to buyers with the tried and true Facebook blue, don’t be fooled!

No funciona

Me gustaría que me devuelvan mi dinero, ya que nunca ocupe la app porque no funciona

Don’t work

All it says is loading I want my money back ASAP don’t work

So disappointed!

I could never get to open. I contacted the developer and never got a response.

Watch book

Could not even get the app to work so that is 3.00 short thanks

iPhone X I need refund

Hey I have a non functioning app can I get refund please iOS 11.4

It doesn’t work!

I paid for something that doesn’t work. I couldn’t log in to my account.

Worked one time and hasn’t worked since

Keeps saying it’s loading the news feed and never does. I feel like I have wasted $2.99. I didn’t even get to use the app at all from my Apple Watch series 3. Please fix your bugs since we had to pay for this app. Thank you


I am not able to open this app on my new watch! I want my money back! This app hasn’t worked since I got it and I can’t get any assistance! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

Waste of money

I bought a bundle of apps including Facebook, Whatswatch, Snapchat. .... none off these open or can be configured. Don’t buy!

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